Activity Vs. Productivity

Most successful people are busy-

Most buy people are NOT successful


So if at first glance this doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, it will! Gonna keep this one very short and sweet.


So I’m a firm believer that if you’re not sure which direction to go in, just start going and you can learn along the way. Change courses to to utilize strengths while identifying and building on weaknesses. Find a niche that you are knowledgeable about. One you enjoy. Something you are highly skilled at. And possibly the most important, make sure it’s something that solves other people’s problems. Cause bottom line is people pay for solutions.

But make sure you understand that crucial difference between being productive And just staying busy.


I can think of half a million tasks on any given job that you can fill a whole day, week, month, or even year with. Yet they are slow and tedious. low to no income. Outside of your strong suit. Whatever the case, you’re not making money by loading your schedule with busy work, or prep work, or stuff that takes you way longer than it should. Stop wasting your time doing things that make you look active. Being active does not mean being successful


Sometimes being productive will keep you very active. Very busy. Very consumed. But remember why you started the process of starting your own business. You want more time. More income. More freedom. Your time is the most important thing to you. Stop wasting it. Every single task you take on has to be moving you forward. Scaling your business. Creating profits.


Your ultimate goal should be working towards the day where the only thing you do Every day are the things that only you can do within your company. You care more about your business than anyone else ever will. Use your time to chase down and secure new leads. Not by advertising. That can be outsourced and has a wide range of cost levels. It’s ok to start out where you are. Pay what you can afford. You can always upgrade later. Keep someone around who can handle those menial day to day tasks which will free you up to meet with new clients/customers. It will free you up to maintain observation so the quality you desire is maintained throughout your business. when you find that aspect of the job that you are less than efficient at, find someone who can produce the same quality outcome, or better, but at a much faster rate. It never hurts to identify your weaknesses and push yourself to be better. Especially if it’s an aspect that adds extreme value or something that is frequently required to provide your services. But let that process happen naturally. Learn when you can. Not when your wallet or customer will be sacrificed.

While you will always be more dedicated to growing your business than any other soul out there, you can still find highly qualified people that understand one simple fact. If the boss is doing good, then I’m doing good. But obviously you pay for what you get. If you compensate well for the solution to the problem you have, you will always find people willing to offer their services as a solution. Just as you expect to be compensated for the solutions you provide, your employees deserve that same treatment. But that’s another whole story.


Hopefully you’ve chosen a path that provides people with a solution. One that you are very capable of providing. Your are focused on the tasks that only you can supply. Which usually boils down to:

A) securing a steady supply of solutions, which solve a problem or fill a need, for someone who is willing to fairly compensate you for your service


B) all goals achieved lead to the growth and scaling of the business to your personal desire.

Almost every single thing in between those to points can be done faster, cheaper or more effective by someone else.

Make your time and energy count. It will not happen overnight. It probably won’t be easy. You will make mistakes. But just remember one thing


Every situation that ends less than successful is a learning experience in the never ending process of achieving your dreams.

I hope this helped at least one person. If so my time was well spent.

Thank you to anyone who has taken their precious and invaluable time to read my thoughts and opinions. If you’re struggling, just know it will happen. Things get better. Life is a never ending cycle. The only constant in our world is change.

Learn. Grow. Adapt. Overcome. Achieve.

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