Learn to invest… with real money… for free!

First off, I wanna say that I’m no stock market expert.

-and this is definitely not financial advise, just my experience and opinions…

I’ve barely scratched the surface learning the ins and outs of basics trades. Slowly making my way into deeper aspects. Puts and calls. Bears and bulls. Short squeezes. I still have a LOT to learn. But I’m learning the best way I know how. hands on. Jumping in feet fist and taking some chances. Learning lessons the hard way some times. Getting very very lucky other times…

But… I did not want to risk my own money to take this hands on approach. So I started reading up on the market and any article about investment I could get my hands on. It all felt like a foreign language I not only couldn’t speak, but I was pretty sure I’d never even heard of this language before.

((((To be fully transparent upfront I can be long winded and ramble. So here’s a short TL:DR for this post. By using the same approach I offer in this post I, having absolutely no knowledge of how the world of investing worked, used promotions and referral bonuses to fund these apps so I could use a hands on method to teach myself how it all works. It is very possible to not only learn the ins and outs but also to start with $0 upfront and slowly turn nothing into a fortune. If you’re interested then by all means, toss me a like, drop your email for future post notifications and read on to see how it all works. But I can’t stress this enough… please… do not ever ever ever put any amount of your own hard earned real money into the stock market if you’re not 100% certain you can live without that money. Things can change very rapidly and very drastically. Empire’s can be built in an instant. But fortunes can be lost even faster. Be careful. Learn how the millionaires use this same exact method to maintain and grow their wealth. Good luck))))) ⚜️💵⚜️💵⚜️💵⚜️💵⚜️💵⚜️💵⚜️💵⚜️💵⚜️💵

But I knew I needed to start somewhere. The one thing all wealthy people have in common is every single one has some type of investment income that brings them passive income. BUT… I also knew another thing they had in common was multiple streams of income. Intelligent people with wealth know that any source of income can disappear, or worse, become a liability and start chewing holes in their deeper than average pockets.

So that solidified the fact I could not gamble what little money I had into a learning experience that would more likely than not leave me completely tapped. So I did some research. What platforms could I start investing with? How much money did I need to be serious about figuring this stuff out? Where would I even think about beginning?

I quickly learned I could use someone’s referral link to download Robinhood (the first one I tried) to not only open up a completely free account I could use to start trading real stocks with absolutely no fees anywhere in the mix. And with the current promotion and that referral code I was also getting 3 free stocks just for joining. Not a single penny I had to deposit. But… if I did decide to deposit I would grab some more bonus shares.

So I played around with free money for a few weeks. A little up. A lil down. Honestly I was just trying to figure things out. Then my debit card finally came in. So I made that initial deposit. Landed a few more free shares I could soon sell off and have more funds to throw around while learning the ropes.

I was stunned that I was learning the market, making a few pennies here and there, amd having fun doing it… especially since it was all free money. Now I’m thinking about other apps out there I could potentially do the same thing with. So I started researching again. Soon I had a few apps running at the same time all with free bonus money to get them started. I had webull, stash, public, and eventually SoFi. Then something else hit me. The referral links I used to sign up with granted me free stuff but also landed the owner of the link some goodies too. So I started referring all the apps I could to anyone I knew that would sign up and send some free stocks my way!

So now I’ll link the apps I use and if you found any value in this post feel free to leave me a like, drop your email address so you can get alerts when I drop new posts, which most will now be related to side hustles big and small and Finding new ways to make or save a few bucks all the way up to setting up a fully functional business you can use to work your way to financial security, and don’t forget to sign up for any of the app links here so you can get yourself some free stocks (each one will have different promotions running that change all the time, so that will determine how many free stocks you’ll get upon signing up) which will also help me out as I’ll receive some bonus stocks as well just for you signing up, and take the time to teach yourself the ins and out of trading stocks and crypto’s so you can start your journey to setting up some security for your future!

Sign up for SoFi today!!

SoFi is my most recent acquisition as far as stock trading apps. But gas quickly become my favorite. There is much more than just stick trading with these guys and to get the full rewards you’ll need to sign up with the specific link for the service you’re interested in. The link above is the most basic of all referrals. It’ll grant whoever signs up 1,000 bonus points which can be redeemed instantly for $10. The $10 can be applied to your investment account, setting up a retirement fund, your main account where you can simply withdraw the money, make a payment on a credit card or pay on a loan. If you’re not quite sure how you plan to use sofi in the near future this is definitely the link I would go with.

They also have a ton of ways to earn these bonus diamond points. Just by logging in daily you’ll receive 1 point. After 4 consecutive days you’ll get a bonus 6 points. Applying for loans, credit cards, student loans, refinancing and other services will also grant a good little bit of points, all without effecting your credit score. And speaking of credit score you can also closely monitor yours in the app so getting your financial affairs back on track is much easier.

So here are the separate links with their respective bonus rewards for signing up, just in case you already know what you’re looking for and want to get the best possible offer for checking out their app

Credit card applications – when approved get 4% cash back for 30 days

SoFi money sign up here is where you can set up an account, receive a debit card and have access to easy to use checking account that offers the ability for direct deposit as well as plenty of free to use atms basically everywhere. (Seriously, they have a free atm finder in the app and I was checking it on day while in an unfamiliar area. There were 5 fee-less atms all within 0.1 miles. They’re literally everywhere) just find the account with an initial $10 and gain a bonus $25 for using my link! Easy money!!!

SoFi invest this link is for the ballers who already know they want to invest and have at least $1,000 to make their initial deposit. After that outrageous deposit 1k you’ll receive a sign up bonus $50. Seems way to steep to me, but hey… if you know your gonna invest it anyway, why not do it here and land and extra 50 bucks in the process.

So these next two are amazing sign up bonuses if you’re looking for a loan! If you’re awarded the loan you’re also gonna receive a bonus $310. Just for using the link here on my post. The first one is a personal loan for just about any reason. Home loans. Refinance. Remodeling your house? Consolidating existing loans or debts? Whatever you need the money for, this is definitely the place to get it from. Excellent rates. Convenient payments on the app. Plus you can use the bonus diamonds you can earn in app to stock up bonus points to use as a payment. The next link will be for people looking to refinance their existing student loans. You’ll also receive the same 310 bucks as a reward for using my link! And you’re most likely gonna end up with a much better interest rate then you’re currently paying off. Win win if you ask me!

But remember!!! Only one link per person when signing up. So if you’re interested in multiple sofi accounts, which is very easy to do. I have like 5 with them. Between my debit card account and investment accounts, looking into setting up a retirement account. It’s super easy and convenient to have a bunch of sofi accounts all in one easy access app. Just be certain you make the right choice when signing up for the first time so you can get the most bonus rewards possible. You only get to select one so aim high and start saving, investing, spending and collecting with SoFi today. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re not already a member

Apply for a personal loan here!!!-earn an extra $310 when approved

Student Loan Refi!!- earn $310 when approved!!

Next up is Robinhood. My first app diving into the investment world. The easiest to use in my opinion as well. Stocks ETFs and crypto. Easily accessible. Clearly presented. Even with the issues Robinhood had a while back they are still a very close second to SoFi for me. If they had as much to offer as SoFi they’d still be number one in my book! At the time of writing this the current offer is one free stock share for you as well as one for me. No deposit required. Sign up with the link. Set up your free account and link your bank account to your Robinhood account. NO DEPOSIT NEEDED. Then the free stock will be delivered right to your account. It can range from $4-$500. So if you like gambling here’s a free gamble for you. Nothing to lose with a chance to gain up to 500. No brainer. Amd if you don’t like the share you get, you’re free to cash it out, sell it to buy a different stocks share, or partial share, or get yourself into the crypto craze before another random crypto currency blasts off to the moon and makes a lot of people very happy, just as dogecoin did a few months ago!

Join Robinhood now for a free stock valued up to $500

A quick pro that Robinhood has over SoFi is their system for withdrawing money is much quicker. The debit card and investment account are basically the same. So transfer money to the card. Use it at the store, the atm, or for some new shares of Tesla stock. It doesn’t matter. It’s all instant. But with SoFi it’s not that simple. Have money on the card. Cool. Same thing. Use it instantly in any of the above categories. But when it comes time to cash out big time on that luck shot in the dark amc stock skyrocket amd it’s not as easy to grab that cash back. You gotta wait 3-5 days to transfer the money from the investment account over to the money account so it’s available on that debit card. Then it’s good to go for the store or atm. But not before what’s feels like an eternity, especially if done around the weekend. Remember, that’s 3-5 business days!!

Now we have webull. It’s a great platform. Lots more involved than Robinhood. Which for me means more confusing. Once I learned a lil bit more about investing it slowly became more clear what I was looking. And if you’re past the overwhelmed beginner phase you’d likely gain a ton of info with the charts and comparisons. You beginners can definitely figure the app out and probably learn quicker if those methods work for you. But it definitely takes some getting used to.

Get free stock with WEBULL!

Right now webull is offering up to 4 free stocks.l, valued up to $300 bucks each! But I’m pretty sure that includes one for actually funding your account. So 3 free and 1 more if you throw 5 bucks into your account. Which is way way down right now from their typical threshold of minimum one hundred dollars to access the free stock for the deposit bonus. But their promos change often. Usually once a month I believe. So jump in feet first to tack advantage of the better than average bonuses happening right now.

My next suggestion for free money for you guys is public. So with webull I try to slow play things and learn info for winning in the long game. Robinhood I basically bet the farm on highly volatile one offs and aim for the moon over night. SoFi I spread everything out into many different possibilities. But public I use for the long haul. I stick a lil here and a lil there into these long term hold companies that most likely will be on a steady incline for the next 20 or so years. Apple, google, Tesla??? Chipping away with fractional shares cause I definitely can’t outright afford a single share of any one of those companies 😂 but I slowly add to them. They slowly increase. And hopefully in say 25-30 years all those tiny fractions mixed with those consistent 3-5% gains over the year will pay off considerably. Only time will tell I guess. But here is you public link to grab some free shares from them as well.

Join public for a chance at a stock slice valued up to $70!!

To capitalize on the public referral bonus you do not even need to deposit any money. Simply use my link, open an account with them and boom, free money. You’ll receive up to $70 and public will give you a list of companies so you get to decide where that bonus money actually goes. And if nothing on the list appeals to you, just sell it off and relocate those funds to stocks of your choice. The biggest downside here, IMO, is the fact public doesn’t offer crypto yet. But I’m thinking they’re gonna eventually see what they’re missing out on and change that.


Here is another one that is fairly new for me. But it’s most definitely unique and stands out from the crowd. With my link we’ll both grab a $20 to use however we like. And just like the others you can use stash to invest in a variety of openly traded companies… but here’s why this one is different. Multiple times a week, sometimes a few days in a row or even multiple times a day, the throw these stash parties. You can set it up so you receive text notification or even link to Twitter. But you basically have to log in and click a button. That’s it. Them depending on the amount of people who attended the stash party they will divvy up an amount of shares and evenly disperse them between those in attendance. It’s not usually much. 20 cent here. 12 cent there. But gaining these fractions multiple times a week can really add up. And you can add to the ones you like. Sell off the ones you don’t. Doubtful this will make anyone rich quick. But if you’re always looking for little victories here and there that add up over time this is definitely something you need to check out!

Get stash! Get $20!

So with stash you will need to find your account to activate the referral bonus and get the 20 bucks, but you only need to deposit a minimum of 1 penny to be eligible for the bonus. So spend 1 cent and get $20 as well as free fractional shares numerous times a week. Seems like a hell of a deal.

If your gonna take free money, you might as well take it from everyone willing to give it to you. Which every single one of these apps are. As long as you sign up with my links. Use my code. And follow the basic instructions for signing up. It’s that simple. For less than $10 bucks total, you could walk away with thousands worth of shares. Some requires minimum deposit. Others do not require any deposit. And some give extra bonuses for making certain deposits. So check out the ones that interest you and see how much free money you can receive to teach yourself the ways of investing. I totally recommend not putting any amount of money into this process that you are not fully willing to lose on the process. The stock market is potentially very dangerous with the extreme volatility it frequently shows. Be careful. Be smart. Learn the market fist hand with free money and start generating your long term wealth now!

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