Art is expression

The world of art is simply amazing. You are in full control. You decide how to express your thoughts, feelings, emotions. Any and everything can be expressed through art. The best part is nobody can tell you what you think beautiful is. People can agree. Disagree. Show indifference. But they can not tell you what art is to you. And with so many ways to explain your own interpretation of beauty anyone can find the right way for them to show that beauty to the world!

Sketch work

Quite possibly my favorite form of art is putting my pencil to paper and letting that tell a story. As you can see from my gallery, pencil sketches are my favorite form of artwork. With sketch art being able to take on any form you get to decide what comes to life. I love cartoon characters and that 2 dimensional style. But that’s only my preference. Sketching can take on any subject matter. Still life, cartoon characters, scenery. Or just totally abstract. No right way to smear graphite on any surface. Just try it out and see if it’s right for you!!!

You can check out this how to guide for learning some great techniques for getting started with sketching.

Street art/spray paint/tagging

Another form I have always admired is street art. Not that disrespectful cry for attention some teenagers vandalized your neighbors fence with at 2am. I’m talking about the highly skilled folks who have gotten creative and found a way to legally display their craft. It’s not the most socially welcomed for of artwork, but I do feel it has come a long way from where it used to be. And there is some seriously under appreciated talent in that world.

Check out the link above for some seriously awesome tutorials to introduce you to the world of spray art. This membership into spray art is updated frequently and all the materials are downloadable and yours to keep forever! Long after you cancel your membership you can review any and all techniques you’ve picked up along the way.

Body art/modification

There are truly no limits to this category. It has its foundation in the tattoo industry. But expression through body art can be taken to any heights your willing to explore. I actually have quite a few tattoos and at some point in my life really wanted to look into a career in the field. But one of my favorite characteristics of art is how it’s never permanent. Never really set in stone. But I couldn’t bring myself to the point where I was ok with making these permanent, definite, unchangeable creations. Mostly due to my fear of messing it up, because hey, if you want Popeye the sailor man smoking some spinach form a pipe on your neck it’s not my place to judge your artistic interests.

There are just so many ways you can express yourself artistically. It’s amazing there can be so many different styles and interpretations, yet it is capable of bringing so many together. In my opinion art is one of those very rare subjects that can simply bring anyone together no matter who they are or where they come from. There are absolutely no prerequisites. Just show up. Do what you love. It’s that simple.



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