Setting SMART goals!!!!

So what’s the big deal about having goals I. The first place??? I’m smart. I’ll just figure it out as I go. What’s the worst that could happen???? …

Flying blind can be costly. You wouldn’t take a road trip without plotting the course right? Why would you think you can get to the best in your life without some kind of roadmap to make sure you’re hitting all the best landmarks along the way. Setting goals is one of the easiest things you could possibly to do to help yourself succeed. What’s not so easy is sticking to them. But this is where where willpower really needs to come into play. I recently heard something that made me think. What’s better? Being motivated or having willpower??? I always thought motivation was key. But really putting some thought into it, motivation can only take you so far… the conviction to keep pushing on when motivation fades, which it often time does, you need to have that strength deep down inside you to follow through once the pink cloud dissipates.

Here are some steps that I think will help anyone in setting the right goals. Sticking to them no matter what. And giving yourself the best shot at getting through that finish line to find the life you actually deserve. It’s not gonna be easy. But it will most definitely give you the best chance at getting to that point in your life where YOU get to decide how things go. Not making decisions outta fear of failure and financial ruin. You gotta be SMART about it.

They have to be specific. Shoot for the moon. But make sure they are detailed. Precise. Clear as possible. Make them measurable. You’ll want a strong, main objective for you to work towards. Then clearly laid out tiers in which to reward yourself for hitting those plot points. All sub-goals should be working towards that main objective. Every time you reach that next objective it should be moving you in the direction that moves you just a bit closer to that bigger picture. They also have to be achievable and realistic. Break the sub-goals down into tiny bite-sized chunks. While it is necessary to push yourself to raise up beyond your comfort zone, stacking too much on your plate at one time can be extremely detrimental and self sabotaging.

2 thoughts on “Setting SMART goals!!!!

    1. Goal setting is a definitely a great way to get started. But just remember, a list of goals without any action is nothing more than a set of dreams written down on paper. Take action today, even if the course isn’t clear. The right path will show itself eventually!


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