Ever thought about investing???

So I always saw the stock market as an untouchable area. It was for rich people. It was for smart people. It was for people who were not me! But when I started getting serious about changing my life and developing ways to generate streams of income I realized that it was something I needed to familiarize myself with. The absolute beautiful part about just about anything is life is that you CAN learn how to do just about anything.

I started out just reading up on the apps I could download to learn how the whole thing worked. I read just about every article I could that had anything to do with the subject of trading. It was all so overwhelming. So much to take in. So I stepped back. I knew that in order to figure it out I was gonna to treat it like anything else you wanna learn. I started with very basic concepts. I watched a few stocks that were considered big time players. The googles and apples. I started with companies I used and trusted. And I read up on the company itself.

After tons of homework I decided the next step was pick an dive in. No matter how much research I was doing I wasn’t gonna truly learn the ropes until I was knee deep in the thick of it. But I also wasn’t confident enough to dump a ton of money, which I didn’t have in the first place, into a world I didn’t know much about, except that it was easier to lose money than make it.

But I soon started seeing all the offers these sites were giving out and something clicked. I can learn as I using free money. All of these investment app offer some sort of sign up bonus. And usually a first time deposit bonus. And they also have debit cards you can order and use completely free of charge. So I downloaded as many free apps as possible, using an invitation code I found on Reddit. Boom. Free stocks. Then I would invite as many people as I could that weren’t already users of these sites. BOOM. More free stocks. Before I knew it I had a few different apps with multiple free stocks on each that I was able to use to learn my way through the market, all without having to drop a single penny of my own out there. The sites that offered the debit cards and a 1st time deposit bonus were my favorite. I signed up for the card. Waited until it arrived. Deposited the hundred dollar minimum for the free perks and yet again… more free stocks. Then I had the freedom to use, spend or withdraw my original hundred dollars back out and I had even more free stocks to play with.

So now that I’ve brought all that info to your attention I’d love for anyone interested in trying out my methods of learning the stock market hands on, without any risk of losing their own hard earned money to check out some of my links below. Use my codes to get these apps and try for themselves. Of learning the investment world is something you already wanna do now is most definitely the time to do it. There is absolutely no downside to seeing this through. And if you decide the market isn’t the place for you, I suggest taking all of the free apps you’ve acquired and selling them off. It takes about 90 days for most of the sites to let you use the money made from the free stocks to be withdrawn, so I’d suggest selling them after the required 3 days you must hold the given stock and dump all that free money into one of the stocks that statistically rise month after month and forget about it altogether. Then after the 90 days maybe you make a few extra bucks when you can withdraw the cash… or you just forgot about them for years. And who knows, in ten years maybe they’re worth double what the are now. Or hell, they could be worth 100x’s what they are now. Doesn’t matter if you make a penny or ten million! It all started with free money!!!

So here are the ones I use regularly. And I’d also like to add a quick side note for SoFi. One of my free stocks with them was valued at over 25 bucks. Plus they offer these diamonds you can get for doing various tasks inside the app like logging on daily, applying for a credit card, checking your credit, reading articles and inviting friends to join, just to name a few, that can be traded in for more bonus money to be invested, withdrawn as cash and pay off credit card debts. So because of that it becomes my most highly recommended. But honestly they’re all pretty cool I’m their own ways. So check them out. Get some free stocks for yourself, and for me too!!!, just by trying them out. So what are you waiting for??? Let the free stocks flow!!!!

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