Bart Simpson

Discover Barts mischievous activity one short clip at a time!

I’ve been thinking about making a series of these short frame by frame sketches… eeyore, in one of my previous posts, was supposed to be published in this same manner… But I found out (the hard way) I’m not able to stitch the clips together to make a video if the Live Photo option isn’t on when I capture each “frame” … whoops. Lol.

But hey, live and learn right?!? That failure has given me the knowledge to avoid some mistakes in the process.

Feel free to drop some comments or criticism of the project. I’d love to know if this is something people might be interested in seeing some of. And if there is any specific subject matter you’d like to see sketched out. Frame by frame or otherwise. I’m always up for some inspiration and/or a good challenge

Who knows. Maybe we can grow the site with enough active followers we can start some type of art challenges or something. I think that would be so awesome. If you like the sound of any part of that just help me out with a like or maybe even subscribing. If you really love the idea maybe even share the post with others you know who might find the content intriguing!

And if this kind of stuff isn’t your cup of tea, that’s cool too. I definitely appreciate any time you’ve already taken to look over my site!

-Big Easy Artist

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