What A Day!!!

So it’s funny how things work. My last post was about taking a lil bit of time to make sure you’re not taking things for granted. While writing that I was thinking of things a bit more on the noticeable side. Turns out there are much smaller things in your day to day that can cause some serious discomfort when neglected. My gas gauge is broken in my vehicle. Which wasn’t really a big deal. I kept track of the mileage, kept a 5 gal can of fuel in the back and stopped a bit more frequently to add a couple bucks into the tank. Well the day came where my complacency caught up with me. I ran the tank empty today. When I went to the back for the can it was gone. While running through all the motions of my daily routine I had apparently grabbed it to top off recently and left a full 5 gallon can of gas sitting next to the pump. Of course I called the last gas station I had stopped at to see if maybe, by some slim chance, they had found it. Or maybe someone had turned it in. Nope. Gone. A $25 gas can. With about 15 bucks worth of gas in it. But that’s not important in this moment, so I set off on a mission to get moving again. Cause let’s be honest, time is money, right?!? I start walking to the nearest gas station, which thankfully is less than a mile away. All they have is a 1 gal can for 15bucks. Walk back to my truck in 93 degree heat and proceeded to dump it in. After fixing the extremely poorly built spout on the gas can I drain the 1 gal of gas I have into my tank only to realize it wasn’t enough to start the damn thing. So I hoof it back and grab another gallon of gas. Let my truck guzzle that go go juice as well and try to start it again. Unfortunately all the cranking of the engine mixed with my extremely old battery, drained enough charge on said battery that now my truck won’t start for a second reason in 30 minutes. Luckily a Good Samaritan had a couple of minutes and a working vehicle to help out complete stranger jumpstart his truck…

I give all that backstory cause it is the perfect Segway into the next topic I wanted to address. Even though the world around us looks very different these days, some very important elements still ring true. One of those being work ethic. Seems strange to connect my story with this element of life but… by cutting corners and not addressing issues head on, and with your full resolve you are left more often then not working harder and at a higher cost than had you just done it right in the first place. Cutting corners will always cost you much more in the long run. It become a financial disaster when you have to come back and redo anything. Remember, time is money. Not only will you fork out more dough depending on what supplies you will need to buy again, but you need to spend that precious time to do something you’ve already been paid for. Meaning you can’t be out doing something to generate income because you have to take that time and energy to do a task you’ve already been compensated for effectively cutting profit in half, if not sending it into the negative. The point being of you decide to spend your time and energy on something, no matter what the task, it’s worth giving one hundred percent. The first time. So it does not come back to cost double or more what it should have and hold you back from generating income elsewhere. If you feel you need to take shortcuts to make it worth doing then just don’t do it in the first place! It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to refuse a job when it’s not worth it to you. And only you can determine how valuable your time is. Be the best at what you do and you become more valuable than the next person offering the same service. Don’t undersell yourself. And equally important, do not oversell your services. Be far. Be firm. Be the best. Be confident and you will succeed. Be sloppy, lazy, conniving and it will show. You may make a few bucks here and there. But there is no better advertisement than quality work and word of mouth.

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