Getting outta the rut!!

So it is kinda nice when your life is on auto pilot right!!??!! Well… I’m about to give you some reasons why autopilot could be hurting more than helping you. First off, when you’re just coasting through life it usually means you’re not being challenged enough. There is no growth. Everything becomes routine. You might be happy where you are and that’s ok. If life is exactly how you imagined it would be when you were 10 and yelling at your parents about how you can’t wait to grow up and make your own rules, than who am I to tell you different. But if you still have a few mountains to climb. A few caves to search out. A few more ex-wives to meet, then you may wanna keep reading.

you need to break out of that comfort zone. Do some stuff you haven’t mastered yet. Yea we all wanna be the best at whatever we decide to do. But there was a time when you hadn’t tried that thing you love doing more than anything right? Just think of you would’ve never gave that a chance. You’d be missing out. And you’re still missing out. Not to mention the fact that just because you are content living your life like an old school flintstones cartoon background ( C’mon, you know where Fred is running through his house and it’s seemingly a hundred yards at least with the same damn chair, plant and window passing by every few seconds) doesn’t mean the people in your life are satisfied with this stale excuse for a life. And if you don’t rock that boat yourself and find a way to grow you may just find yourself forced into some very unwanted changes when your loved ones decide it’s time they outgrow you!!!

so stop taking everything around you for granted. Take the kids to a new park. Surprise that special someone with a night out, dedicated to them. Volunteer to take on new roles at work. Hell, just volunteer period. and it’s not one and done. Make it a habit to break your habits. I promise you will thank me later. Learn something new. Teach someone else something you already know. Grow. Don’t take the simple stuff for granted. It could all be gone before you ever see it leave!

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