Are you a freelancer???

How many people out there have heard of this site, I’m always looking for ways to add some passive income sources so I’m able to generate a few bucks and keep my focus on my art. I love my artistic endeavors. But I also love my family. And feeding them is a top priority, obviously. But it seems like so many lucrative sources of income take up more of my time than having a full time job. But when you seriously evaluate every aspect of the overall situation, it is less guaranteed to make money. But it is much more probable to find that financial freedom this way. But I have found a site that lets me combine my artistic talents with actual gigs willing to pay me for my passions. Now I know everyone is thinking how is that any different than fiverr. Truth is it’s really not. But it’s not anywhere close to saturated like fiverr. There are still plenty of people looking to find artistic talents, and they are willing to pay. Very well in some instances.

If you’re looking to make some extra money doing the type of work you enjoy. And doing it on your schedule and terms is important to you, than you just check this site out. Latium is amazing! There is a small downside. Im gonna say it’s impossible to do this for free. It is extremely possible with some patience, persistence, and maybe some humility (by being willing to lower your asking price until you’ve made a name for yourself) to make some serious coinage here. Basically they have a few tiers for the freelancers. You can get verified, which means you’ve paid 12 bucks to let everyone know you are willing to invest in yourself. Or you can subscribe which is $9 a month and comes with automatic verification. Or you can go the free route and grind your ass off to find someone willing to trust in you to make their projects a reality.

If you’ve got the money to spare I’d definitely say it’s worth it as many customers specify that you be verified to even bid on certain gigs. But… if you can’t, or don’t want to shell out a couple of bucks to try out that method, stick to the freebie plan and stay focused on bidding every single gig that comes through without a verified stipulation. They’re out there. And I’ve bid on quite a few already. Click on my links above to check the site out for yourself. It is an affiliate link, but please keep in mind I only recommend things I fully trust and believe in and there is no actual service being sold here, unless you chose to go premium. and honestly I only recommend that after you’ve spent plenty of time exploring all the benefits of the completely free methods.

This is also a great option if you are looking for some relief on some of your projects, maybe looking for some assistance via virtual help. There is absolutely no obligation to buy anything. Swing by their page. Check out tons of gigs people need like me and you to handle ASAP. Or maybe they’re in the beginning phases and just setting up the necessary talent for next week, next month or next year. You actually have the control here because you can set up your own schedule that works best for you, whether it’s planning extra work around your day job. Or squeezing in a gif or two in between complex art projects. Or maybe you just need a small break from your current project to reset and rest brain.

They also offer payment via cryptocurrency as well as cash!

Whatever your needs, this is gonna be the next major player in the freelancer marketplace. Get in now and make a name for yourself so when it does become as saturated as fiverr you’ll already be riding that wave to unlimited opportunities!!! It’s completely free so there soothing to lose. Check it out. It might just become your best source of free advertising and easy money!!!

One of my many artistic weaknesses

So in one of my previous posts i mentioned pencil sketching is one of favorite forms of art. If you’ve taken the time to check out my gallery there is not very much realistic type drawings. I love cartoonish style projects. Especially famous cartoons. I love to recreate a simpsons character or one of the rugrats. I pride myself in being fairly skilled as well. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my drawing. Almost unhealthily. To the point where I sometimes won’t finish a piece if I feel it isn’t up to my own high standards. But I recently found this course and honestly I wasn’t planning on promoting it or using it under my affiliate marketing ads. But after a quick introduction I feel I have to share this with any artistically inclined individuals who want to get better at realistic sketching.

Actual samples from the class

Not saying it’s actually going to help me… I’m not sure anything can really make that genre of sketching any easier for me 😂. But the way it’s taught I think this might be my best chance. It shows you how and why you draw certain aspects. Negative area. Lighting. Erasing techniques. I’ve honestly never had any formal education in art, until you can count a few mandatory classes in high school where I essentially breezed through because I didn’t really understand or appreciate the lessons and had a special knack for being able to basically look at anything and draw it. Plus I didn’t wanna learn. If it felt like education it turned me away. Why did I need to know any of that stuff, I’d just get by drawing things I could see. Man oh man. How naive was I. Hahaha. Recreation of someone else’s beauty is a nice skill. But I wanna be an artist. Original designs. Stuff I can say is mine.

Yet still, over the years I developed some techniques to help along the way. I still neglected learning basic principles. It always seemed every time I tried out another YouTube course or picked up some cheap copy of a how to book I still couldn’t understand the things being taught. All I’m trying to say is if you have ever struggled with realistic artwork, understanding fundamentals that assist with things like perspective and scaling this may be the course for you.

Master adding stunning detail

I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’m about 2 and a half hours into the course that I believe is over 40 hours of easy to understand teachings and techniques and I’m hooked. Not sure it’ll have me cranking out portrait after portrait or teaching my own still life course or anything, but I can already see my skills growing and that’s been enough to get me excited enough wanna spread this course to as many people as I can and I definitely can’t wait to get to the end.

It’s cool to have the ability to pause. Replay certain lessons if needed. And there’s a fully loaded support section that claims they’ll help with anything you struggle with. I’d like to see just how much support they offer for someone like me who is just flat out horrible at drawing people (especially faces and hands!!!) and needing a few silly questions answered! 😂😂😂

But I’m already satisfied with the value I’ve encountered so far so that really isn’t even a big deal in my opinion. I’m anxiously looking forward to adding some posts in the future showcasing some new skills I hopefully gain through this course. And if anyone has any insight they wanna share, ends up going through the course too, or who maybe already finished it please drop some comments on here.

I strongly recommend anyone (like me) who struggle with realistic drawings or if you’re simply looking to add some skills to that area of your art to check this class out. While there is some good fundamentals in here I do not recommend this to anyone just starting out and trying to find their groove. This area may turn out to be just right for you but there are so many other courses more suited to people just getting their feet wet artistically. I hope someone out there is almost as excited about this class as I am. I’d love to be able to chat about some of the stuff I’m learning!

Hope this helps someone out, especially if you’re on the fence about something like this. It’s not too often I find a diamond in the rough so I’m actually grateful I get to share it with you. Enjoy!!

Art is expression

The world of art is simply amazing. You are in full control. You decide how to express your thoughts, feelings, emotions. Any and everything can be expressed through art. The best part is nobody can tell you what you think beautiful is. People can agree. Disagree. Show indifference. But they can not tell you what art is to you. And with so many ways to explain your own interpretation of beauty anyone can find the right way for them to show that beauty to the world!

Sketch work

Quite possibly my favorite form of art is putting my pencil to paper and letting that tell a story. As you can see from my gallery, pencil sketches are my favorite form of artwork. With sketch art being able to take on any form you get to decide what comes to life. I love cartoon characters and that 2 dimensional style. But that’s only my preference. Sketching can take on any subject matter. Still life, cartoon characters, scenery. Or just totally abstract. No right way to smear graphite on any surface. Just try it out and see if it’s right for you!!!

You can check out this how to guide for learning some great techniques for getting started with sketching.

Street art/spray paint/tagging

Another form I have always admired is street art. Not that disrespectful cry for attention some teenagers vandalized your neighbors fence with at 2am. I’m talking about the highly skilled folks who have gotten creative and found a way to legally display their craft. It’s not the most socially welcomed for of artwork, but I do feel it has come a long way from where it used to be. And there is some seriously under appreciated talent in that world.

Check out the link above for some seriously awesome tutorials to introduce you to the world of spray art. This membership into spray art is updated frequently and all the materials are downloadable and yours to keep forever! Long after you cancel your membership you can review any and all techniques you’ve picked up along the way.

Body art/modification

There are truly no limits to this category. It has its foundation in the tattoo industry. But expression through body art can be taken to any heights your willing to explore. I actually have quite a few tattoos and at some point in my life really wanted to look into a career in the field. But one of my favorite characteristics of art is how it’s never permanent. Never really set in stone. But I couldn’t bring myself to the point where I was ok with making these permanent, definite, unchangeable creations. Mostly due to my fear of messing it up, because hey, if you want Popeye the sailor man smoking some spinach form a pipe on your neck it’s not my place to judge your artistic interests.

There are just so many ways you can express yourself artistically. It’s amazing there can be so many different styles and interpretations, yet it is capable of bringing so many together. In my opinion art is one of those very rare subjects that can simply bring anyone together no matter who they are or where they come from. There are absolutely no prerequisites. Just show up. Do what you love. It’s that simple.



Bart Simpson

Discover Barts mischievous activity one short clip at a time!

I’ve been thinking about making a series of these short frame by frame sketches… eeyore, in one of my previous posts, was supposed to be published in this same manner… But I found out (the hard way) I’m not able to stitch the clips together to make a video if the Live Photo option isn’t on when I capture each “frame” … whoops. Lol.

But hey, live and learn right?!? That failure has given me the knowledge to avoid some mistakes in the process.

Feel free to drop some comments or criticism of the project. I’d love to know if this is something people might be interested in seeing some of. And if there is any specific subject matter you’d like to see sketched out. Frame by frame or otherwise. I’m always up for some inspiration and/or a good challenge

Who knows. Maybe we can grow the site with enough active followers we can start some type of art challenges or something. I think that would be so awesome. If you like the sound of any part of that just help me out with a like or maybe even subscribing. If you really love the idea maybe even share the post with others you know who might find the content intriguing!

And if this kind of stuff isn’t your cup of tea, that’s cool too. I definitely appreciate any time you’ve already taken to look over my site!

-Big Easy Artist

Setting SMART goals!!!!

So what’s the big deal about having goals I. The first place??? I’m smart. I’ll just figure it out as I go. What’s the worst that could happen???? …

Flying blind can be costly. You wouldn’t take a road trip without plotting the course right? Why would you think you can get to the best in your life without some kind of roadmap to make sure you’re hitting all the best landmarks along the way. Setting goals is one of the easiest things you could possibly to do to help yourself succeed. What’s not so easy is sticking to them. But this is where where willpower really needs to come into play. I recently heard something that made me think. What’s better? Being motivated or having willpower??? I always thought motivation was key. But really putting some thought into it, motivation can only take you so far… the conviction to keep pushing on when motivation fades, which it often time does, you need to have that strength deep down inside you to follow through once the pink cloud dissipates.

Here are some steps that I think will help anyone in setting the right goals. Sticking to them no matter what. And giving yourself the best shot at getting through that finish line to find the life you actually deserve. It’s not gonna be easy. But it will most definitely give you the best chance at getting to that point in your life where YOU get to decide how things go. Not making decisions outta fear of failure and financial ruin. You gotta be SMART about it.

They have to be specific. Shoot for the moon. But make sure they are detailed. Precise. Clear as possible. Make them measurable. You’ll want a strong, main objective for you to work towards. Then clearly laid out tiers in which to reward yourself for hitting those plot points. All sub-goals should be working towards that main objective. Every time you reach that next objective it should be moving you in the direction that moves you just a bit closer to that bigger picture. They also have to be achievable and realistic. Break the sub-goals down into tiny bite-sized chunks. While it is necessary to push yourself to raise up beyond your comfort zone, stacking too much on your plate at one time can be extremely detrimental and self sabotaging.

Ever thought about investing???

So I always saw the stock market as an untouchable area. It was for rich people. It was for smart people. It was for people who were not me! But when I started getting serious about changing my life and developing ways to generate streams of income I realized that it was something I needed to familiarize myself with. The absolute beautiful part about just about anything is life is that you CAN learn how to do just about anything.

I started out just reading up on the apps I could download to learn how the whole thing worked. I read just about every article I could that had anything to do with the subject of trading. It was all so overwhelming. So much to take in. So I stepped back. I knew that in order to figure it out I was gonna to treat it like anything else you wanna learn. I started with very basic concepts. I watched a few stocks that were considered big time players. The googles and apples. I started with companies I used and trusted. And I read up on the company itself.

After tons of homework I decided the next step was pick an dive in. No matter how much research I was doing I wasn’t gonna truly learn the ropes until I was knee deep in the thick of it. But I also wasn’t confident enough to dump a ton of money, which I didn’t have in the first place, into a world I didn’t know much about, except that it was easier to lose money than make it.

But I soon started seeing all the offers these sites were giving out and something clicked. I can learn as I using free money. All of these investment app offer some sort of sign up bonus. And usually a first time deposit bonus. And they also have debit cards you can order and use completely free of charge. So I downloaded as many free apps as possible, using an invitation code I found on Reddit. Boom. Free stocks. Then I would invite as many people as I could that weren’t already users of these sites. BOOM. More free stocks. Before I knew it I had a few different apps with multiple free stocks on each that I was able to use to learn my way through the market, all without having to drop a single penny of my own out there. The sites that offered the debit cards and a 1st time deposit bonus were my favorite. I signed up for the card. Waited until it arrived. Deposited the hundred dollar minimum for the free perks and yet again… more free stocks. Then I had the freedom to use, spend or withdraw my original hundred dollars back out and I had even more free stocks to play with.

So now that I’ve brought all that info to your attention I’d love for anyone interested in trying out my methods of learning the stock market hands on, without any risk of losing their own hard earned money to check out some of my links below. Use my codes to get these apps and try for themselves. Of learning the investment world is something you already wanna do now is most definitely the time to do it. There is absolutely no downside to seeing this through. And if you decide the market isn’t the place for you, I suggest taking all of the free apps you’ve acquired and selling them off. It takes about 90 days for most of the sites to let you use the money made from the free stocks to be withdrawn, so I’d suggest selling them after the required 3 days you must hold the given stock and dump all that free money into one of the stocks that statistically rise month after month and forget about it altogether. Then after the 90 days maybe you make a few extra bucks when you can withdraw the cash… or you just forgot about them for years. And who knows, in ten years maybe they’re worth double what the are now. Or hell, they could be worth 100x’s what they are now. Doesn’t matter if you make a penny or ten million! It all started with free money!!!

So here are the ones I use regularly. And I’d also like to add a quick side note for SoFi. One of my free stocks with them was valued at over 25 bucks. Plus they offer these diamonds you can get for doing various tasks inside the app like logging on daily, applying for a credit card, checking your credit, reading articles and inviting friends to join, just to name a few, that can be traded in for more bonus money to be invested, withdrawn as cash and pay off credit card debts. So because of that it becomes my most highly recommended. But honestly they’re all pretty cool I’m their own ways. So check them out. Get some free stocks for yourself, and for me too!!!, just by trying them out. So what are you waiting for??? Let the free stocks flow!!!!

Join Robinhood with my link and we’ll both get free stock 🤝

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He Made $402,325.84 During A Pandemic…?

While most businesses were closing their doors, having knee-jerk reactions to stop their advertising, and thinking that “nobody is buying anything”…

… James Francis was picking up their missed opportunities.

Specifically he’s made $402,325.84 so far this year (during a pandemic!), and things are still accelerating at a rapid pace.

And no, this wasn’t selling face masks, hand sanitizer or something equally as short term.

Instead, he’s actually been helping people to achieve their goals.

You can see exactly how he did it on this page!

See you there!

– The Big Easy Artist

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What A Day!!!

So it’s funny how things work. My last post was about taking a lil bit of time to make sure you’re not taking things for granted. While writing that I was thinking of things a bit more on the noticeable side. Turns out there are much smaller things in your day to day that can cause some serious discomfort when neglected. My gas gauge is broken in my vehicle. Which wasn’t really a big deal. I kept track of the mileage, kept a 5 gal can of fuel in the back and stopped a bit more frequently to add a couple bucks into the tank. Well the day came where my complacency caught up with me. I ran the tank empty today. When I went to the back for the can it was gone. While running through all the motions of my daily routine I had apparently grabbed it to top off recently and left a full 5 gallon can of gas sitting next to the pump. Of course I called the last gas station I had stopped at to see if maybe, by some slim chance, they had found it. Or maybe someone had turned it in. Nope. Gone. A $25 gas can. With about 15 bucks worth of gas in it. But that’s not important in this moment, so I set off on a mission to get moving again. Cause let’s be honest, time is money, right?!? I start walking to the nearest gas station, which thankfully is less than a mile away. All they have is a 1 gal can for 15bucks. Walk back to my truck in 93 degree heat and proceeded to dump it in. After fixing the extremely poorly built spout on the gas can I drain the 1 gal of gas I have into my tank only to realize it wasn’t enough to start the damn thing. So I hoof it back and grab another gallon of gas. Let my truck guzzle that go go juice as well and try to start it again. Unfortunately all the cranking of the engine mixed with my extremely old battery, drained enough charge on said battery that now my truck won’t start for a second reason in 30 minutes. Luckily a Good Samaritan had a couple of minutes and a working vehicle to help out complete stranger jumpstart his truck…

I give all that backstory cause it is the perfect Segway into the next topic I wanted to address. Even though the world around us looks very different these days, some very important elements still ring true. One of those being work ethic. Seems strange to connect my story with this element of life but… by cutting corners and not addressing issues head on, and with your full resolve you are left more often then not working harder and at a higher cost than had you just done it right in the first place. Cutting corners will always cost you much more in the long run. It become a financial disaster when you have to come back and redo anything. Remember, time is money. Not only will you fork out more dough depending on what supplies you will need to buy again, but you need to spend that precious time to do something you’ve already been paid for. Meaning you can’t be out doing something to generate income because you have to take that time and energy to do a task you’ve already been compensated for effectively cutting profit in half, if not sending it into the negative. The point being of you decide to spend your time and energy on something, no matter what the task, it’s worth giving one hundred percent. The first time. So it does not come back to cost double or more what it should have and hold you back from generating income elsewhere. If you feel you need to take shortcuts to make it worth doing then just don’t do it in the first place! It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to refuse a job when it’s not worth it to you. And only you can determine how valuable your time is. Be the best at what you do and you become more valuable than the next person offering the same service. Don’t undersell yourself. And equally important, do not oversell your services. Be far. Be firm. Be the best. Be confident and you will succeed. Be sloppy, lazy, conniving and it will show. You may make a few bucks here and there. But there is no better advertisement than quality work and word of mouth.